Friday, February 11, 2011

Carving Wax Castings

Today I cast some carving wax into the plaster rough shell molds. The first thing to do when casting molten wax into plaster molds is to saturate the molds with water. Here are the molds, soaking in a tub of water in the shower basin.

Next I put some carving wax into the wax pot and turn it on. The thermometer helps me to not overheat the carving wax.

When the wax melts, I get a mold from the water, open it, and dab out the excess water inside the mold. Then I close the mold and put large rubber bands around it so it will not leak. I wear gloves when I am pouring wax. I pour the wax into the mold as evenly as I can until it fills up. Then I let it stand for awhile until the walls of the wax in the spare seem to be thick enough.

When the wax is thick enough, I pour the excess back into the wax pot. Then I fill the hollow cavity with water to help cool the wax casting. Then I set it aside and work on another mold.

After I have finished pouring all the molds with carving wax, I pour what is left over into a water saturated plaster mold. When it sets up, but is still soft, I score the slab of wax with a knife. This makes it easier to break the slab of wax up into chunks that will fit in the wax pot the next time I need it.

Here are today's carving wax castings. I poured the upper torso, and the legs today. The lower torso is from a previous pour, using a slightly different carving wax recipe, which is why it is a different color.

The next thing to do is to clean up the castings with a knife. I need to carve off the pouring cups, and trim the seam lines and flashing. Then I will be ready to test string these pieces with some round elastic doll cord. I just remembered that I forgot to include the carving wax head in the above photo.

This is the carving wax head I cast in hot pour moulage molds.

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