Friday, March 18, 2011

Clay Build-Up Nº 4 : Feet

While working on the clay build-up, I put each foot onto its own molding board so it would be easier to handle. Once the clay build-up is finished, I want to make one mold with both feet in it. I'm also thinking of doing an indirect pour of the carving wax, so my pouring sprue will go down to the bottom of the feet, then fill the feet from the bottom to the top, with some air vents in the toes. The feet will be cast solid. The mold will be a multi-piece plaster mold. This is my plan for the mold.

To make room for the pouring sprue, I decided that one-half inch should be enough space between the molding boards. I filled this one-half inch space in with oil-clay.

Since I need some more space around the feet, and because the feet were modeled on two molding boards, I made a frame to hold the two molding boards together. I cut out the frame with a jig saw after drilling holes in the inside four corners. The frame is made from scrap plywood, from the same source as the small molding boards.

So this is where I am at the moment. Next, I will add the pouring cup, sprue, and runner at the bottom, and add some gates from the runner to the heels. I will make the air vents after the plaster mold has been poured by scratching lines from the toes to the top of the mold with a needle tool. I am hoping to get at least two carving wax casts from this mold.

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