Monday, March 21, 2011

Clay Build-Up Nº 7 : Feet

I changed my mind, and decided to use some moulage with a plaster couch to mold the feet. This is the clay build-up of where the moulage will be. I made it using a clay hand-building technique of coiling the clay.

I'm going to smooth it some more, then pour the plaster couch around the clay build-up. When the plaster sets up, I will remove the clay build-up and pour moulage over the feet.

Because the moulage is a flexible mold material, I will not have to worry about undercuts so much, and won't have to make so many pieces for the mold. From six mold pieces, to three mold pieces. One side of the mold will have a moulage piece around the feet and a plaster couch. the other side will be one piece of plaster.

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