Monday, March 28, 2011

Modeling Carving Wax

Today I worked a little bit practicing an additive technique with the carving wax, to see how well I can model a simple form. I used the 25W soldering iron to melt the wax at the base of where I wanted to model the form, then melted more carving wax into that molten puddle of wax. I did this by holding the soldering iron with one hand, and a small piece of filler carving wax with the other hand, and touching the filler wax to the soldering iron to allow a drop of carving wax to be added to the molten puddle. I let the puddle soidify from time to time to have better control of the form. Then I carve the wax form with my knife to refine it, and smooth it with tulle. This works well for a simple form. Care must be taken not to build up the wax too rapidly, otherwise it spills and runs down the side of the form. Like any other technique, it requires some practice to get the hang of it. Spills that run down the side of the form are easily removed because they are running over cool wax, and do not stick to it very well. Wax that is melted into the base puddle become a homogeneous part of the base carving wax.

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