Sunday, March 27, 2011

Smoothing Carving Wax

Today I practiced smoothing carving wax. My test piece is a chunk of carving wax that was poured onto a damp plaster bat, scored, and broken into pieces for reuse. The side that was in contact with the plaster bat is rough, and has pinholes in it. I am trying different things to smooth it and fill it. So far, the best results come from lightly scraping the surface with my paring knife, followed by rubbing with some tulle. My 25W soldering iron works well for filling the holes if I heat the surface of the carving wax first, then fill the hole with more carving wax, followed by scraping the carving wax with the knife. The surface of my test piece of carving wax is much rougher than any of my doll parts, so it is a good piece for me to test on. This process is time consuming, and it requires a lot of patience and practice to get good at it. Because the talc filler in the carving wax is surrounded with wax, there is not any free dust in the air. However, the tulle clogs up quickly. This is the best photo I could get with my camera:

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