Saturday, March 5, 2011

Yet Another Patternmaking Book

Today I picked up Make Your Own Dress Patterns by Adele Margolis, which I had ordered through the Inter-Library Loan system at the Public Library.

This is the last patternmaking book I'm going to get, at least for the time being. If I can't figure out how to make custom clothing for Aalish from the books I have ordered, then I will probably end up making loose fitting clothes for her that don't require much of a fit. I'd much rather be able to make the kinds of fitted clothes that I want to make.

I've had a chance to look through this book, and it is different than the other books I ordered. There is no system of measurements to use for drafting slopers. Most of the information in this book seems to be useful for altering patterns, by adjusting darts or seams. There is also a lot of detail about how clothing parts are made, such as sleeves, collars, and so forth.

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