Friday, April 29, 2011

Giles Precision Waxer

I know I have been harping on Tim Bruckner's book, Pop Sculpture a lot recently, but it is because he shares a method very similar to Martha Armstrong-Hand's method, for making the original sculpt in oil-clay, then molding it and casting wax to make the refined parts for the final molds. Both Tim and Martha use a wax pen to refine the wax patterns. Since Pop Sculpture is a recently published book, I'm going to point out that Tim uses a Giles Precision Waxer made by Giles Studio. The cool thing is, Giles Studio is currently offering a 30% discount on their wax pens to fans of Pop Sculpture, until 11 November 2011.

I currently use a 25W soldering iron as a makeshift wax pen, and while it works, and is cheap, it has the drawback of the heat not being adjustable, so it is always on High when I work with it. I must keep it wiped clean so it doesn't smoke when I use it. So I am seriously considering buying one of the Giles Precision Waxer Standard units while it is on sale.

There is more information about this offer over at the Pop Sculpture blog, so take a look!

There do not seem to be any prices published at the Giles Studio web pages, so it is necessary to send an email to them to order a waxer. The key to getting the discount is to mention the ultra-secret code word that is in the above post at the Pop Sculpture blog. No, you do not need a de-coder ring to use the code word.

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  1. I am currently building my own waxer with a soldering iron and/or a wood burner. Have not tested it yet. Basicly a current limiter I made out of a dimmer switch and an electrical box. The box works! I can dial up lighting or electric motors by plugging the box to the wall and device to the box.
    I just have to experiment with the dial and a thermometer to find right temp setting on dial for wood burner.
    Now I found out you can buy a box like this through harbor freight for 15 to 20 dollars. I made mine with a 3 dollar dimmer switch on clearance and an old electrical box and a discarded electrical cord.
    -Cut cord in half
    -black (switch) to black (chord) of female end.
    -black (switch) to black (chord) of male end.
    -white to white
    -green to green
    Some would call this a voltage control
    In time I hope to add a digital thermometer with display
    Or another possibility to look into- a rheostat or use a potentiometer -like a volume control. If all goes well staying under a hundred vs hundreds as some I've seen, isn't too bad. You can see others use this method look up current limiter on you tube.

  2. Please see my DIY Wax Pen which I posted on Tuesday, 25 September 2012..


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