Monday, April 18, 2011

Moulage Hand Mold Nº 5

I unwrapped the first half of the moulage mold of the left hand and removed the cardboard and clay build-up.

It doesn't look like I have enough space to pour the second half of the mold.

So I stapled a piece of cardboard over the end of the mold, and removed the cardboard from the side of the mold in order to pour the second half, open-faced.

That worked! After pouring the moulage, I stapled another piece of cardboard to the side of the mold, then melted and poured the carving wax.

This is the first casting. You can see the air vents I made with an X-Acto knife, from the finger tips. Those air vents connect to an air vent that goes to the top of the mold.

This is the casting, flipped over.

Here is the casting, taken out of the mold.

This is the second casting. It is a little easier to see the air vents I carved in the moulage from the fingertips, to the air vent that goes to the top of the mold. I got two castings of the left hand from this moulage mold.

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