Thursday, April 21, 2011

Pop Sculpture

This book arrived in the mail today:

Pop Sculpture: how to create action figures and collectible statues.
Tim Bruckner, Zach Oat and Rubén Procopio.
NY: Watson-Guptill Publications.
ISBN: 978-0-82309522-3

While this book is not about making Ball-Jointed Dolls specifically, it does have a lot of information about making silicone rubber molds, and casting in resin. It talks about pressure pots and air compressors. There is even information about converting a paint pot into a pressure pot to use for casting resin. While the book does cover articulation, its emphasis is more towards action figures than elastic tensioned ball-joints.

Nevertheless, since neither Yoshida Style Ball Jointed Doll Making Guide, nor Learning to be a Doll Artist have any information about silicone rubber mold making or casting in resin, then this book fills the gap, and supplies much needed information to the aspiring BJD maker who is interested in making resin BJDs.

The book also covers design, concept drawings, modeling with clay over an armature, working with wax, making molds, casting in resin, working with resin, painting resin, and so many other things that may be of interest to an aspiring BJD maker.

BJDs have their roots in Garage Kits, and this book is a Garage Kit Bible!
Volks: The first 10 Years.
I am very happy and excited to get this book!

The authors have a blog for this book, where they put updates, and additional information that they did not have room to put in the book:

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