Friday, April 22, 2011

Sculpting Hands Video

Today I watched a sculpting video called Sculpting Hands With Master Artist Jack Johnston. This is another VHS tape, made about 1994. I must admit that I was not very impressed with the hand that he made during his demonstration on the video. I did enjoy the beginning of the video when he explained how to make an armature for a hand. He made the armature from two gauges of copper wire. Five pieces of the heavy gauge wire were wrapped together with the smaller gauge wire. Then the four fingers and the thumb wires were spread apart. Next he wove the thin wire in and out of the four finger wires, about where the fingers would be attached to the palm. After that, he took floral tape, and wrapped each of the finger wires, then proceeded to wrap the floral tape around the palm and the thumb, and finally the wrist. When the fingers were wrapped, he bent the wires to get the gesture of the hand he wanted to sculpt. Then he covered the wires of the fingers with coils of Cernit, and the palm with a flattened ball of Cernit, and the back of the hand with a flattened ball of Cernit. After blending in all the Cernit, he proceeded to sculpt the hands.

I do not think that hands, or any other part of the human anatomy should be sculpted to a formula. It is much better, in my opinion, to study anatomy, and study the figure to sculpt it. So I will not even bother to describe his formula for sculpting hands.

This video was loaned to me by a friend. I cannot recommend it. This review is more of a warning of a video to avoid.

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