Saturday, April 9, 2011

Wood Mother Mold For Moulage Nº 2

Yeah, I'm out of plaster in my studio, and I want to make some more carving wax doll parts for Carving Wax Test Doll, specifically, the lower arms and hands. I've been using plaster for the mother mold, and moulage for the mold, but now I am really out of plaster. The moulage is reusable!!! I can use wood for the mother mold! My first thought was to use luan plywood for the backing of the mother mold. But tonight, I see that I can use cereal box cardboard for the backing. I may, or may not need to coat the cardboard with shellac, depending which side I use towards the moulage. The moulage is a hot pour molding material, and has water in it. So I figure that if I pour moulage against a plain cardboard side, I'll need to cover it with a sealer, like shellac, first. Anyway, I figure I can use shellac covered cardboard for the backing, and that I can staple it to the plywood to make the mold.

To make the registration keys, I will drill through both pieces of plywood, then insert a dowel completely through one piece, and part-way into the other piece. Then I will glue a dowel into the piece that has a hole all the way through it, with the other part of the dowel sticking in the hole in the other half of the mold, to make a key. It is easier to do than to explain.

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