Friday, April 8, 2011

Wood Mother Mold For Moulage Nº 1

Now I want to transform the old brown microcrystalline wax lower arms, and hands, into carving wax. Martha Armstrong-Hand used plaster rough shell molds to transform her oil-clay sculpt into carving wax, for making ball joints, test stringing, and refining. Since I am completely out of plaster now, I am going to use my reusable moulage to make my rough shell molds. Here is an idea I have about making a mother mold from wood, sealed with orange shellac. I do not have any plaster, but I do have a ton of scrap wood in my studio. Necessity is the Mother Of Invention.

I have a much better idea now, of how many cubic inches my moulage will fill, so that should make it easier to make this wood mother mold. After I use it to mold the lower arms, and cast the carving wax, I will be able to remelt the moulage, and use the same mother mold for the hands. The moulage molds make very good rough shell molds, and, the moulage is reusable. The important thing is that I get some carving wax parts to add to Carving Wax Test Doll.

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