Saturday, May 14, 2011

Another Sculpting Video

Back in April I got to watch a VHS video that was loaned to me by a friend: The Art of Sculpting with Philippe Faraut Volume 1: Children .

Today I watched The Art of Sculpting with Philippe Faraut Volume 2: Expressions and Facial Construction. It was 110 minutes in length. The first part of the video was more or less a review of what was covered in the first video. The most interesting part of this video were the five minute rapid sketches that he made, starting with an infant's head, transformed to a young Caucasian person's head, transformed to an Asian's head, transformed to an African's head, transformed to an American Indian's head, in rapid succession.

Then he took the Caucasian teenager's head that he did in the first part of the video and transformed it into a young Asian teenager's head, and also played with the expressions.

While I do not think that these techniques are very useful for making BJD heads, nevertheless it is always amazing to watch a truly talented sculptor working in clay.

This video was a lot of fun to watch!

To get an idea of how Philippe Faraut works, you can visit his website at:

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