Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Cue Ball Joint Nº 3

Yesterday I made a quick sketch of about where I wanted to place the cue ball joint, and today I got some time to start carving away at the right hip socket. One of the tips I learned in the book, Pop Sculpture is to do the doll part that is opposite your main working hand. I am right handed, and when the doll is facing me, the left side of the doll is on my main working hand, so I always do it first. But now, I'm doing the right side of the doll first, which is on my left hand, when she is facing me. Supposedly, this helps with symmetry. I carved a lot of wax from the socket so the cue ball would move back and up. I use an X-Acto razor knife to remove pieces of the cardboard armature, and various rounded knife blades to remove the wax. Here is a photo comparing the original wooden ball with the cue ball.

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