Sunday, May 15, 2011

Modeling With Hildegard Günzel Video Part 1

I had a chance to watch Part 1 of a VHS video called Modeling With Hildegard Günzel that was loaned to me by a friend. Part 1 was all about modeling the head and shoulder plate for a doll. It was modeled in Plasticine clay. Her method of modeling a doll head was very similar to how Philippe Faraut models a head in clay, with very slight variations. I am a fan of Hildegard Günzel's dolls, so this was a very special video for me to get a chance to see. I will make a better review of this video after I have had a chance to watch Part 2.

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  1. the book is very interesting too, recommend it:

    Title Creating original porcelain dolls: modeling, molding, and painting
    Author Hildegard Günzel
    Hobby House Press, 1988
    ISBN 0875883397, 9780875883397
    111 pagine


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