Sunday, May 8, 2011

Right Hand Mold Making Nº 4

I finally found a block of free time long enough to melt some hot melt moulage, and pour it into the mold box. I poured the first half, waited until it cooled, then opened the mold box and removed the oil-clay build-up from the hand. Next I used the X-Acto razor knife to carve some air vents for the fingers. Then I poured the other half of the hot-pour moulage mold. Finally I melted some carving wax and poured it into the moulage mold.

Here are a couple of carving wax castings of the right hand.

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  1. Hi,

    I haven't come across moulage mould-making material before what are its properties and characteristics. Is it like Vinamold?

  2. See THIS POST for more information about hot-pour moulage. Moulage is made from seaweed and is reusable. It must be melted in a non-aluminum double boiler. After use, it is chopped up and stored in a sealed container, until the next use.


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