Thursday, June 23, 2011

Eye In A Socket

This is sweet. Using an old doll composition test casting, I drew an eye shape, drilled a hole in the middle of it, then used the X-Acto knife to carve it out. Then I used the 16mm Master Eye Beveler on the inside, to make a perfect bevel for the eye. The eye sits in the test socket perfectly, without any gaps around it anywhere.

I can see that this test socket is a wee bit on the small side, so I am going to enlarge it a small amount, like 1mm or so, and bevel it on the inside again. I believe that an eye, looking straight ahead, has the bottom of the iris at the lower lid, and is covered about one third with the upper lid. I will continue testing.

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  1. Great Work!! I love how diligent you are about experimenting!


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