Friday, June 10, 2011

Life Cast References

This is a life casting of the left ear of my daughter when she was eight years old. I placed some cotton in the ear canal before making the alginate mold. Alginate is very similar to moulage, except that it cannot be reused, and it is a cold pour molding material. It is a powder, and is mixed with water, then poured over the object you wish to make a mold of. It is not harmful to human skin. A wax, called posmoulage, or plaster may be easily cast in an alginate mold. The fact that alginate is not reusable, and its high purchase cost, make it a material that I do not use very often.

This is a life casting of a woman's face. Straws were placed in her nostrils, so she could breathe while the alginate set up. If posmoulage is cast in an alginate mold, then the casting may be modeled afterwards, for example, to open the eyes. Both the ear above, and this face were molded and cast in the 1980's. They are nice artist's references to have in the studio.

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