Monday, June 20, 2011

Today's Head

I spent some more time with today's head, than I have been spending on the heads from the last few days. I think it shows.

One of the things about doing these head quick sketches is, like drawing, they help me to observe better. Also, I am loosening up more. This morning, after breakfast, I worked on the brown wax head of Aalish. The thing that I've noticed about her head is that it was wide in the front, and narrow in the back, viewed from the top. Part of the reason for this was due to the placement of the cardboard armature, when I was first putting the head together, many months ago. So what I did this morning was to use my X-Acto knife to cut the cardboard armature, and remove some of it, then I was able to narrow the front of the head. Now, when viewed from the top, instead of looking like an egg, with the narrow end towards the back of the head, it looks like more of an oval. That is somewhat better than before. I think I can add some wax to the back of the head now, and make the head shape look more realistic, when viewed from the top. I also think that this will help with modeling the face, especially the eyes. So, yeah, this quick head sketch each day is already starting to pay off.

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