Sunday, July 3, 2011

Carving Wax Test Doll Upper Torso

Back in the beginning of June, I did some very basic upper torso work on Carving Wax Test Doll. Today, I did some more work on her upper torso. This is a front view.

This is a side view.

I mainly used a studio-made tool that I created using some banding strap from a load of blocks for the garden. I cut the banding strap into about six inch lengths, then used a grinder, a file, and sandpaper to make the tool. This tool works really well with my jeweler's alcohol lamp. The tool is thin, and does not take too much time to get hot, then it cools fairly rapdily, allowing me to form the molten carving wax. I do not think I could buy a tool that works this well. In addition to the studio-made toll, I also used my paring knife for scraping and some tulle for smoothing.

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