Friday, July 8, 2011

Design Considerations

A year ago today, I was considering the design of my BJD. I posted:
My doll will be female, and a teenager.

Well, I have not changed my mind about that !

Gender and age are two very important design considerations. A female body is much different than a male body. As far as age goes, since the head length is the usual standard for proportion, and since age has much to do with head lengths, then choosing an age is very important. For example, an infant is about four head lengths tall, and an adult is about 7.5 head lengths tall.

Since then, I have learned that there can be other considerations as well. A doll is not limited by the consensus reality. A doll may be a female teen Fairy, Elf, Vampire, or other Fantasy character. She may be based on a character from the doll maker's imagination. There is literally no limit to the type of character a doll may be. She may be Living, Dead, Un-Dead, Mortal, Immortal, Enchanted, Spellbound, or even a Muggle.

To make an Artist Ball-Jointed Doll, it is important to Free Your Mind.

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