Thursday, July 7, 2011


Today I would like to mention these ball-jointed doll forums that I joined last year, when I was just starting out. These forums have been very helpful to me in discovering what a BJD is, and in making my own BJD from scratch.

Den of Angels
DoA is the largest BJD forum for resin Asian BJD collectors. The topic of discussion at DoA is limited to resin ABJDs. It was the first BJD forum I joined because so many of my Google searches for BJDs pointed to it. Fortunately, I joined when the registration was still open. Unfortunately, registration is now invitation only. If you can find a friend who is a member of DoA, they can initiate an invitation for you, from the DoA forum. All your friend needs is your email address. If you are interested in BJDs, I highly recommend that you get an invitation to DoA. It is a BJD forum that is large and in charge.

The Joint
The Joint is the premier BJD-making forum, and being a member of The Joint sometimes reminds me of being in Art School again. The talent base at The Joint ranges from professional doll makers who are members of the NIADA, all the way down to novices that have never sculpted anything before. Sales talk is against the rules of The Joint, so the emphasis is on doll making. Here, you will find people making BJDs in just about every material you can imagine. The BJDs made are not limited to only resin Asian BJDs, but span the whole spectrum of Artist Ball-Jointed Dolls. The Joint allows two types of members: Observer and Artist. If you are interested in making a BJD of any kind, then join The Joint. Registration at The Joint is by email at this time.

Enchanted is a forum about Marina Bychkova's dolls. The main focus of Enchanted is discussion about Marina Bychkova's beautiful porcelain BJDs. Even though it is mainly a forum about collecting her BJDs, and discussing her BJDs, it does have a Doll making topic in the Workshop section. The doll making topic is for aspiring doll makers who have been inspired by Marina's BJDs, to make a BJD of their own. The porcelain BJDs that have been made by these doll makers are very beautiful in their own right, and are worth taking a look at. Many of the doll makers have documented their work-in-progress porcelain BJDs in the Doll making topic, so you can follow their progress from beginning to end. Registration is currently open at Enchanted, and the forum may be read without registering. Registration is required to participate in the Enchanted forum.

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  1. Thank you for the information!! I have now joined Enchanted.
    I sent an email to Den of Angels wanting to be invited to join but I haven't heard anything back yet. I would love to join the Joint...
    I have decided to make some BJD's and I need to know all the info I can get my hands
    Thanks again
    Dessa Rae

  2. Joining any of the above mentioned forums is much easier than making a BJD. I hope you can find what you are looking for.


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