Friday, July 15, 2011

Knees Nº 1

I've been meaning to make a mold and cast some wax balls for knee joints. Today I got started on it. First, I measured the diameter of the plastic knob I'm going to use. I think I found it at a yard sale. I used some wooden calipers to get the diameter, then I set it against a measuring tape to get 32mm.

I divide 32 in half to get 16mm, and measure that onto some oil clay. Then I used my paring knife to cut the oil clay into 16mm blocks.

I put the 16mm blocks of oil clay around the plastic knob. Then I added oil clay to fill in the spaces between the blocks. Finally, I added a spare.

This is what my oil clay build-up looks like from the bottom.

This is a side view.

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