Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Labor Of Love

Making a BJD is a complex process. A BJD is a multi-media art form. It can, at times, get to be somewhat discouraging, especially if things are not turning out as planned. For me, making Aalish (my BJD WIP) is The Hobby. Many collectors refer to collecting BJDs as The Hobby, but making them is The Hobby for me.

This is a copy of a post I made to a forum member who was getting discouraged making their BJD.

A Labor Of Love

Please remember that Sculpture is an art discipline that can be learned
in a relatively short period of time, but may take the rest of your life to master.

Do you expect to pick up a violin or a flute for the very first time, and play perfectly?
Why do you expect to pick up clay for the very first time, and model it perfectly?

Art requires at least three ingedients: Time, Money, and Materials.
Usually, you only have two out of the three at any one time.
You need time to make any Art. Good art requires time to make it.
However, life, job, family obligations, what have you, can rob your time.
You need money to pay the rent, utilities, food, water.... buy materials....
You can get by without money if you have an Art Patron to pay for those things !!!
It is really difficult to make Art without materials.
If you have time and materials, you can usually make some Art....
But eventually you will need some money for something, and then the job takes your time, etc.

Yeah, it can be discouraging, but most people make Art because they love doing it.
Art is usually a Labor Of Love.
Many people are able to make Art by making the time to make it.
They set their priorities, and they stick by them. Art or TV? Art. etc.
They set their priorities for their money spending habits.
Pay the rent, and bills on time, buy food, then... new resin BJD, or Materials?
The person who really wants to make Art will buy materials, not a new resin BJD.
I have never been able to do anything Artsy without some materials.
I can get by without money for a little while, but when I run out of materials,
everything grinds to a halt. I stock up on materials when I have money.
Also, I have a tendency to use reusable materials, so my money goes much further.

As far as the skill aspects go, practice is the key.
It is the same for playing the violin and the flute.
Even professionals with years of experience, practice every day.
Try to make it a daily habit.

Remember why you are making your Art.
If it is a Labor Of Love, then try to remember the Love.

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