Sunday, July 24, 2011

New Wax Tools

I like to use my jeweler's alcohol lamp and thin steel wax tools to work on carving wax. The thin tools do not take long to heat up, and they cool quickly. I keep them clean by wiping them on newsprint from time to time when they are warm.

First, I use a permanent marker to draw the shape of the tool I want to make, on the banding strap. Then I use a bench grinder to grind the metal to the line. I refine the shape with a file, then sand it smooth. The more I work with carving wax doll parts, the easier it is for me to know what shapes I need.

From left to right: alcohol lamp and matches, three steel banding strap tools ground sanded, and filed to shape, and an old hacksaw blade, ground, sanded, and filed to shape.

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