Friday, July 22, 2011

Work In Progress BJD

My process:

1. Drawings
2. Cardboard armatures made using the working drawing
3. Modeling doll parts in brown microcrystalline sculpture wax over the armature
4. Waste molds (hot-pour moulage)
5. Cast carving wax in waste molds
6. Design ball joints and test string carving wax doll parts
7. Refine carving wax doll parts
8. Slip casting molds (plaster)
9. Cast doll composition slip in plaster molds
10. Clean cast compo doll parts (remove seam lines, etc)
11. Bake cast compo doll parts in kitchen oven
12. Paint cast compo doll parts
13. Assemble the BJD
14. Make wig
15. Make clothing
16. Make shoes and accessories
17. Photograph and display finished BJD

I'm still at step three.

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