Friday, August 19, 2011

Live Model Pose Reference

Caution: The links in this post contain Artistic Nudity, and may NOT be Work Safe.

I have been using Art Pose books for a long time for making figurative sculpture. While a book of poses is not the same as having a live model, they are certainly much less expensive. It is always recommended to refer to humans for reference, when sculpting the human figure. I would like to point to a site that has a variety of live male and female models, photographed in rotation, 360 degrees, moved 15 degrees per photo. That gives 24 photos per pose. It is enough to get a good 3D feel for each pose.

The poses may be purchased individually, for a relatively inexpensive price, or a book CD of poses may be purchased. I have purchased a book CD of poses from these people in the past, and was satisfied with the purchase in every way. This is a reputable company, dealing with Art Models, for the purpose of making Art. It is not a porn site !!!

So here is the link: Home Page Contains Artistic Nudity !!!

Click on the Pose Tool tab to view the models and poses.

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