Monday, August 15, 2011

Wonderland Things

Illustrator: Gordon Robinson, 1916.

Yeah, I am being distracted by Alice in Wonderland things as I am thinking about surrounding Aalish with things from that nonsense story. Here are some of the things: Dinah, the cat; Cheshire Cat; White Rabbit wearing a Waistcoat; Pocket watch; Skeleton Key; Small door with keyhole; Glass table; Bottle, labled Drink Me; Cake, labeled Eat Me; Lovely Garden; Top Hat; Mad Hatter; Tea Party; Tea cups and saucers; Tea pot; Sugar bowl; Mushrooms; Caterpillar; Hookah; Croquet; Hedgehog; Flamingos; Duchess; Cook; Pepper; Baby; Pig; Cards; Queen of Hearts; King of Hearts; Tarts; Knave of Hearts. I am sure there are some things I've forgotten?

So, for example, I want to make a flip-flop doll of a baby and a pig, where the baby is one end of the doll, and the pig is the other end of the doll, and when it is flipped over, the dress covers the baby, and exposes the pig, and vice versa. Only the heads and arms would be movable.

Curiouser and curiouser.

Also, in my search for Wonderland things, I have found references to the madness of Alice, which may be explored as themes for face-ups. All of these things can be combined in different ways to create an original Les Aventures d'Aalish au pays des merveilles photo story.

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