Thursday, September 15, 2011

Lower Torso Moulage Mold Nº 2

Today I made some coddles for the mold I am going to make. I do not have thousands of dollars of Legos, and my wooden coddles did not fit the lower torso. This may be of interest to anyone who does not have a fancy wood working studio at their disposal? Anyway, I used some cereal box cardboard to make the coddles. These pieces of cardboard are very thin. They are printed on one side, and plain pasteboard on the other side.

These are all the tools and materials I needed to make the coddles. Cereal box cardboard, scissors, masking tape, an ink pen, and a plastic ruler. I almost forgot to mention a molding board. I used a sculpture turntable for a molding board. Any flat, smooth board that is large enough will work.

The cardboard is shaped like this, with two long folds along each side, and a two inch piece at one end. There are two flaps cut out on either side of the two inch piece. I always made the two inch piece at the right hand side.

I made four pieces 2.25 inches wide (plus the folds on either side), and eight pieces 3 inches wide (plus the folds on either side).

This is what four of the 3 inch pieces look like, all cut, folded, and taped. The flaps on either side of the two inch piece add structure. I taped the flaps on the inside of the two inch piece.

The first 2.25 inch coddle is taped to the modeling board. The end with the two inch piece lines up with the edge of the clay build-up. I sealed the top edge with a coil of oil-clay, and smoothed it with one of the wood modeling tools I made the other day, from paint brush handles.

The second and third 2.25 inch coddles are added to the next sides, same as the first side. After taping them to the modeling board, I fasten the first and second coddles together with masking tape. I do the same with each coddle in turn.

After finishing the first row, I start the second row with coddles that are 3 inches wide. Now I tape the folded flap on the bottom of the coddle to the folded flap on the top of the coddle in the first row.

I continue in this manner all around the second layer.

The third row is done in the same way that the second row was done, with four more 3 inch coddles. The taped folds in the cardboard add strength. I continued to add masking tape at all points, until the whole coddle was very sturdy, and did not move when I pressed against the sides with my fingers.

This is what it looks like from above, looking into the coddles.

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