Saturday, September 17, 2011

Lower Torso Moulage Mold Nº 4

Now that I have opened my 5 pounds of moulage, and have the capability to make larger moulage molds, such as a mold for the lower torso of a 60cm BJD, I feel I need a new setup for melting the moulage. The important thing to remember is: do not melt the moulage in an aluminum container.

Here I have found a flat steamer tool from the kitchen (it will probably never see the kitchen ever again), the stainless steel pot I was using to put jars of moulage in (already in my studio), and an enameled pot that I found recently.

The steamer tool fits in the bottom of the enameled pot.

The stainless steel pot fits in the enameled pot, and sits on top of the steamer tool.

The perceived advantage to this is that I shouldn't have to heat as much water as before, so it should take less time to melt the moulage? Also, I won't have to handle so many hot glass jars of molten moulage. How much moulage should I be able to melt with this arrangement?

The inside diameter of the stainless steel pot is 8.75 inches. The radius is 4.375 inches. The stainless steel pot fits down in the enameled pot 2.5 inches. The area of a circle is pi*(r*r), or area = pi * (r squared). The area multiplied by the height should give me the total cubic inches. In all these computer calculations, the asterisk (*) means to multiply, the forward slash (/) means to divide, the plus sign (+) means to add, and the dash (-) means to subtract.


So I should be able to melt at least 150 cubic inches of moulage?

This is the first time I am using this setup, so I will have to find out how it works. If it works, great! This is about the largest amount of moulage I will need to melt for my doll. If it doesn't work, then I will be able to reuse the moulage to try again.

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