Sunday, September 18, 2011

Lower Torso Moulage Mold Nº 5

My new double boiler for melting moulage works great. I was able to melt five pounds of moulage in a very short period of time. I did not have to handle several hot glass jars of moulage. I just picked up the the whole stainless steel pot of moulage and carried it to the molding table and poured it into the coddle.

My coddle massively failed today when I was pouring it. I should have stapled it along the bends. Since it filled almost to the top before it failed, there was a lot of moulage oozing out all over my molding table. So I didn't have much of a chance to take any photos. This is what it looked like after I removed most of the coddle.

The nice thing about moulage is that it is reusable. Moulage doesn't stick to anything, not even itself. So all I had to do was let it setup, then remove it from my brown wax pattern and oil-clay build-up. I cut it up and put it back in the jars to melt and use again when I figure out how I want to make this mold. My pattern is okay, and the moulage mold material is okay. The only thing I have lost is the time I spent making the coddles.

This is what happened. The flaps were taped together with masking tape, but the hydrostatic pressure of so much moulage caused the flaps to open up and release the moulage. If I had stapled the flaps every couple of inches or so, it would not have happened. Since I do not have an office stapler, I am going to make the next coddles for this mold from some 1/4 inch plywood and some 3/4 inch boards.

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