Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Lower Torso Moulage Mold Nº 8

This is the moulage melting in the double boiler.

The melted moulage poured into the coddle, after cooling for awhile.

The first half of the moulage has cooled completely, after being poured, and the mold box is turned upside down, and the clay build-up has been removed. I decided that I did not have enough moulage to fill the bottom half of the mold, so I made a decision to mold part in moulage, and part in plaster. I made a clay wall to hold the moulage.

The moulage has been melted and poured in the clay wall. I covered it with a plastic bag to keep it moist, and let it cool completely.

After removing the clay wall, I mixed and poured some plaster to fill the bottom half of the mold.

The mold is flipped over after the plaster sets. I remove the coddle in order to separate the mold halves, so I can remove the brown wax lower torso pattern.

The moulage mold has been opened, showing the brown wax lower torso pattern.

The lower torso brown wax pattern removed from the mold.

The mold halves have been put back together.

The coddle is placed back around the mold, and the rubber bands have been placed around the coddle to hold it together. It is now ready to be poured with carving wax.

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