Monday, September 12, 2011

Moulage Mold Thoughts

I have been thinking about starting to make some moulage molds of the brown wax doll parts of Aalish. I will use the moulage molds to cast carving wax parts. I always like to sketch my ideas. I use a small paint program called Kolourpaint to draw on the computer with my mouse. It is not feature-bloated, yet it has all the tools I need to quickly get my ideas out of my head, and into the computer. The following sketch shows my idea for making a two-piece moulage mold that will have the parting line at the hips, with the sockets in the lower half of the mold, and the upper part of the lower torso in the upper half of the mold. I will pour the carving wax into the spare, at the top of the mold. Moulage is just flexible enough for this kind of mold to work. At least I hope it will work.

So I will make the clay build-up around the hips first, and pour the first half of the moulage mold around the top of the lower torso. Then I will flip the mold over, remove the clay build-up, and pour the second half of the moulage mold into and around the sockets of the lower torso. The mold should separate as indicated by the arrows.

If this plan does not work, nothing is lost except some time. Both the oil-clay used for the build-up, and the Moulage are reusable.

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