Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Catrina Otra Vez

These are some little side projects I have been working on. They are still works-in-progress. I am having a lot of fun making these nichos with La Calavera Catrina themes.

From left to right:

1. The polymer clay skull I modeled and baked the other day. I cut open the top of the skull and removed the paper and aluminum foil core. Then I sanded the back of the skull to make a flat spot which was used to glue the skull to the back of the nicho. The roses are the same roses that I made the other day. I just robbed them from the paper nicho I made. The skull and nicho were painted with Delta Ceramcoat Acrylic Paint. I still need to paint the roses, and also paint a design at the top of the nicho. The nicho was made from an old coddle, used for a small plaster mold. I like the patina of plaster on it.

2. A while ago I made a moulage mold, but didn't have enough moulage, so I used some plaster to help make up the difference. The nicho is made from that plaster. Inside are two plastic skeletons from the local Dollar store. I painted the faces with Acrylic paint and glued the skeletons into the plaster nicho. This is about as much as I'm going to do with this piece.

3. This is a doll from the Dollar store. Yeah, it cost a dollar. Not too long ago I saw a tutorial about how to take one of these dolls and make a pose-able doll by cutting the limbs at the joints, drilling holes in the ends of the limbs, and gluing wire into the holes with SuperGlue. I had no idea that these dolls' limbs were solid. Anyway, that got me thinking, and after seeing some tutorial videos on YouTube about applying La Calavera Catrina makeup, I decided that $1.00 was not too expensive. I bought two dollars worth of dolls to play around with. This is the first one. She has rooted hair, painted eyes, and is minimally articulated at five points. I have painted her face and hands with Acrylic Paint, and have started applying the La Calavera Catrina makeup with a black Permanent Marker. I will finish her up with Acrylic Paints, and will dress her up fancy.

This is the same type of thing I would like to do with a head from the Aalish mold when I finish her. I think it will be much easier to apply make-up to a 9cm doll head.

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