Thursday, October 27, 2011

Dolls Clothes

I found this book at the local used-book emporium for $3.50 USD. Even though the patterns are not for ball-jointed dolls, I think I will be able to use them anyway by simply reducing or enlarging them. There are over 75 patterns in the book, and each one is presented in three sizes, from 38cm to 58cm tall (small, medium, and large). This is a hardcover book with glossy pages, very much like the Hobby House Press doll books. It should last a very long time. Even though I found it in the used-book store, it is in very good condition, with no marks of any kind inside the book. Also, the price was right.

Dolls Clothes: Create Over 75 Styles for Your Doll.
Mette Jorgensen.
Chudleigh, Devon: David Porteous Editions, 1998.
ISBN: 1870586328

This is the progress on my Los Dias de los Muertos projects, featuring La Calavera Catrina.

I added a decorative border to the front of the nicho, using acrylic paint and nail polish.

This one is still the same.

I made a dress and a nicho for this one. I still have to paint the nicho. I'm also going to make some more polymer clay roses to go inside. I may also add some doors to the nicho? I don't know yet. I like the idea of reveal/conceal. This nicho has glass in the front.

All these nichos are made from scrap wood or plaster in my studio.

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