Monday, October 31, 2011

Hip Joints

I took apart Carving Wax Test Doll in order to play around with her hip joints. The left hip joint slot was angled, and I wanted to make it straight. I used my 25W soldering iron with the forged flattened tip to fill in the slot. This is what the first pass of filling-in looks like.

In this shot I have completed filling in the slot.

Meanwhile, Carving Wax Test Doll is holding onto her feet.

Here, the filled-in slot has been scraped down with the paring knife.

The hole in the hip joint socket of the left leg is wonky.

I carved a round plug from a piece of scrap carving wax and pressed it into the hole.

This is what it looks like after welding the plug into the hole and scraping it down.

I used a drill bit to drill new holes in the upper leg ball joint and the left leg hip socket. Then I re-strung the lower torso to see how it worked. I will be playing around some more with the hip joints and the knee joints.

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