Saturday, October 8, 2011

Making A Mold Knife

I am planning on making a block mold with the moulage. A tool that is very useful for cutting a block mold is a mold knife. This is a mold knife I made from an old hacksaw blade.

To make the mold knife, first I ground off the teeth for about an inch or so. Then I found an old screwdriver to use as a bar. I opened my bench vise up a little larger than the diameter of the bar. I positioned the ground part of the hacksaw blade over the gap in the vise, then positioned the bar over the gap, on top of the blade. I struck the bar with a hammer, and it went into the gap, making a hemisphere shape in the hacksaw blade. I finished it up with a file and some sandpaper.

Many thanks to Juli over at Just This and That weblog for telling me what a mold knife was.

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