Thursday, November 17, 2011

BJD Boots Making Tutorial

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I found this very excellent tutorial about making boots for a ball jointed doll at Deviant Art.

Making boots for BJD tutorial by ~scargeear.

The pattern for the boots she made is here:

BJD Boots Pattern by ~scargeear

This is a very fine pair of boots !!! All the pieces are cut so cleanly, and the skill level is very high, indeed. I did a little research, and found out why her boots are so well made:

From ~scargeear's Profile at Deviant Art:

I will be posting some tutors on making accessories for BJD and other BJD related info. The first tutor will be on making BJD boots. I have an experience on making human-size boots in the past (see my Leather, woodwork, epoxy sculptures section), and I also have a magister degree in organization of shoemaking industry. This tutorial accumulated many information from different sources and my own experience and how-tos.

So, does ~scargeear do any Commission work?

In other news, this is what Revolution looks like:

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