Saturday, November 12, 2011

Elbow Joints Nº 3

I unstrung the arms of Carving Wax Test Doll in order to fix the elbows. The wrist balls are the terminating joints. Each wrist ball has a pin in it, and a slot. An S-hook is attached to the wrist pin. The S-hook moves in the slot. To unstring the arms, I start by pulling one wrist ball away from the lower arm socket, then unhooking the elastic from the S-hook in the wrist. Then it is easy to remove all the arm parts and hands. I am using one loop of 1.5mm round elastic doll cord to tension the arms and hands.

I used my alcohol lamp and metal wax working tools to repair where I had carved away too much from the lower arms, around the elbow ball joints.

To restring the hands and arms, I attach one end of the elastic loop to the S-hook in the left hand. I use the restringing tool to pull the elastic through the arm parts.

Then I insert the tool through the upper torso, and pull the elastic through.

I pull the elastic through each arm part, then I hook the elastic to the S-hook in the right wrist. The repair job is finished, and the doll is restrung.

The carving wax is tough enough to be tensioned with elastic.

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