Friday, November 11, 2011

Restringing Carving Wax Test Doll

Every so often, after doing some work on Carving Wax Test Doll, I restring her. At this point, I have already restrung the arms and hands. The wrists have a pin in them, and there is a slot in each wrist ball. An S-hook, made from wire, attaches to the pin and rotates in the slot. There is one elastic loop that goes from the S-hook on the right wrist, through the torso, and attaches to the left wrist's S-hook. The feet and legs, as well as the two-part torso are tensioned with the two loops of elastic that go from the head, through the torso, through the legs, and attach at the S-hooks in the ankle joints. In this photo you can see the elastic inside the upper torso. On the keyboard is the restringing hook I made from an old wire clothes hanger. The white elastic is 3mm round doll cord.

This is a closer view of the elastic in the upper torso, which passes through the shoulder joints, down the arms, and attaches to S-hooks in the wrists.

This photo shows the S-hooks in the ankle joints.

The lower torso is hollow and has a large hole at the top, where it fits into the upper torso.

There are also holes in the hip sockets, for the elastic to pass through, to attach the legs and feet.

The head is hollow and has a hole through the neck socket. The elastic loops that pass through the torso and legs, and attach to the S-hooks at the ankles, terminate at the head.

This is a close-up of the restringing tool. I made it with a loop at one end, large enough to insert a one-half inch dowel, for a better grip. You can also see the S-hooks in the ankle joints.

This photo is just to show the loop in the restringing tool. The other end has a hook which is just big enough to fit the 3mm round elastic doll cord.

I start the restringing by pulling the elastic through the neck hole in the head.

Here you can see the plastic neck button I made, which I am hoping distributes the tension over a larger area of the neck, inside the head.

Next I pull the elastic through the upper torso, using the restringing tool to make it easy to get the elastic through the long neck hole.

I put the restringing tool through the left hole in the lower torso, and pull one loop of the elastic through.

Then I pull the other elastic loop through the right hole in the lower torso. It is easy to see that now there is one loop of elastic for each leg.

I put the restringing tool through the left upper leg, hook the elastic, and pull it through the upper leg.

Then I do the same thing with the right upper leg.

The same procedure is used to pull the elastic through the left lower leg.

Then I pull it through the bottom of the lower leg, and attach it to the S-hook on the left foot.

The elastic in this photo is slack, so I can take the photo with my camera. Usually, I pull the elastic loop through the lower leg, and hold it with one hand, while I attach the loop to the S-hook with the other hand. Sometimes I grab the S-hook with needle nose pliers, so it won't slide back into the ankle joint.

Now both loops have been attached to the S-hooks at the ankles.

After pulling the elastic tight in the head, I tie a knot, then put the skull cap on. At this point I am ready to try and figure out some more joint stuff.

The important thing to note is that the carving wax is tough enough to be tensioned with elastic. I have strung, unstrung, and restrung Carving Wax Test Doll many, many times already. So far, she is holding up well. Every time I restring her, I try to get the elastic a little bit tighter. Right now, she is strung tighter than she has ever been strung before. On that note, here is one last photo of her, sitting on the shelf contemplating a plastic skull in her hands.

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