Monday, December 12, 2011

More On Wigs

This diagram appears to be from Martha Armstrong-Hand's book, Learning To Be A Doll Artist (1999). I found it on the Net. I believe there is enough information in this diagram to reconstruct her method of making a doll wig.

Looking at the wig cap on the doll's head, and seeing the sewing needle and thread in the step-by-step diagrams, probably means the wig cap is made from cloth. The diagram shows the thread being knotted much in the same way that I did, with yarn, for the first wig I made. The posts I have made about wigs can be seen here:
and here:

So the thread is sewn in the wig cap, then the needle comes around and under the thread, then it is sewn in the wig cap again, right next to the first stitch, then brought under the thread again. After that, the knot is tightened, and the thread is snipped off. It looks like the stitches are made side-by-side, in rows. Doing a wig this way allows the wig maker to control the direction of the hairs.

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