Friday, December 2, 2011


These quick snapshots are not the best in the world, but I hope they are better than nothing? I've been smoothing the lower torso with some tulle and sandpaper. Mostly, I'm working up at the top, where it connects to the upper torso. It is always better to practice on places that are not as noticeable, until I gain some more skill. It is slow going.

The workspace was getting really messy, so I picked up all the tools, ripped off a sheet of newsprint, then put all the tools back, but somewhat organized. It gets messy so slowly that I don't even notice it until I cannot find a tool, or something else that I thought was on the table.

This is an interesting bit of stuff. Many, many months ago I noticed that the cork wrappers on bottles of McManis Petit Sirah wine were a bit heavier than the cork wrappers on other bottles of wine. So I took a cork wrapper down to the studio and put it under the torch. It melted rather quickly, and formed a nice shiny ball of metal. So I started saving the cork wrappers. When they would start to get out-of-hand, I put them in a pot and melted them together. I now have a piece that weighs 106.25 grams, and another piece that weighs 31.25 grams. That is a total of about 3.85 ounces. Each cork wrapper weighs about 4.5 grams before being melted. So, let's see now.... 137.5 grams divided by 4.5 grams means I've opened about 30 bottles of McManis Petit Sirah wine since I started collecting the cork wrappers. Yeah, I like a good, inexpensive red wine.

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