Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Thoughts On Modeling Legs Nº 3

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The advice that Ryo Yoshida gives on page 30 of Yoshida Style is:

Joints are intersections where muscles cross. The ball joints will be added later, but please make sure that the muscles are modeled properly first. It's complex, but modeling will become easier if you understand the muscles and their structure.

The muscles attach to the skeleton at various places which create levers. It is those levers which allow us to move around as the muscles contract and relax. It is quite complex. Yoshida says:

The muscles of the arms and legs are complicated. Try to be conscious of the flow of the muscles as much as possible when you sculpt. The lower front side of the deltoids with the upper arm biceps and the back of the upper arm triceps. The brachioradialis muscle that runs down from the elbow with the flexor carpi radialis muscle and the flexor carpi ulnaris muscle etc. Try to keep all these complicated muscles in mind as you sculpt, but if you understand them from the beginning there shouldn't be a problem. If you emphasise the muscles of the arms almost unlimitedly you will create a burly, wrestler-type body. Please refer to a number of naked photos and anatomical drawings first.

So that is where I am presently. I am looking at various sources of Artistic Nudes, as well as videos at YouTube of female athletes, gymnasts, dancers, contortionists, and others who are moving around. I have already mentioned ReferenceReference.Com. Another very nice reference source for Artistic Nudes is the Live Model Pose Tool.

It is very complicated, especially for someone like me, who has never done very well with Artistic Anatomy. The combination of Latin names, and all those intertwined muscles, makes it look like a bowl of spaghetti to me. The key is to try and learn just one muscle at a time. It takes time. When the muscles that inform the surface anatomy have been learned, then they can be modeled in the figure in a convincing way.

When My Eyes Glaze Over, I just stop and do something else for awhile. Since the weather has turned cooler, I have picked up my knitting needles and yarn, and am starting to knit again. My current knitting project is a simple pair of wrist warmers, with holes for my thumb, and fingers.

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