Saturday, January 7, 2012

01 Ideas And Planning Nº 3

The proportions of a teenager are about seven heads tall. The average height of a human fourteen year old teenage girl is five feet three inches tall. That is 63 inches. Therefore, a doll that is 1/3rd scale, based on a real girl, would be 21 inches tall.

21 inches tall is about 53.34 centimeters. I was originally trying to make about a 60 cm BJD. The second working drawing has a drawn doll that is 63 cm tall. A finished doll from that working drawing, would end up being about 57.5 cm, or 22.63 inches tall. In real life, that would be the equivalent of a fourteen year old girl that is five feet eight inches tall.

One other thing I must keep in mind is that I have already purchased 12 pairs of 16mm eyes for my BJD, as well as eye beveling tools. This is something to think about.

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  1. As a fully grown woman I am 5'11. I was probably 5'8" or so when I was 14—it's not so unheard of! Why settle for average?

    Love the site though! Thanks for sharing all your pics and processes—very inspiring!

  2. Hi Gillian. You are very tall !!! I decided on 63 inches because I could translate 63 inches into 63 centimeters (1 inch to 1 centimeter). Also, the total shrinkage of all the materials I will be using to make my BJD is about 9%.

    So my arithmetic looks like this:
    9% subtracted from One is .91.
    63 divided by .91 is 69.23076,
    which I have rounded up to 70 centimeters.
    Since the doll is going to have a 7-head-lengths
    proportion, that works out nicely to a 10cm head length.
    So the "average height" of a 14 yo girl is working out for this BJD.
    My first two versions were not going to be even 60cm after shrinkage.
    I am hoping that this third version will be at least 60cm, but maybe
    even 63cm+ tall.

    Thank you for looking at at my work.


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