Sunday, January 8, 2012

01 Ideas And Planning Nº 4

I have had a real epiphany about the scale of my new BJD. She is MY doll. She does not have to conform to any other standards, as far as size or scale go. Before, I was trying to adhere to some sort of Asian Ball Jointed Doll aesthetic. But I am not making an ABJD. I can make my doll any scale I want to make her because I will be making all her wigs, clothing, shoes, accessories, and so forth. I do not even have to make her a certain size because I have a certain size eyes on-hand. If I need to, I can make or buy new eyes for her that will fit the new size doll. I am free !!!

The average height of a 14 year old teenage girl in the USA is five feet three inches tall, according to my research on the Internet. I looked at several sources. I think that this will translate nicely into a one inch equals one centimeter scale. 63 inches will be scaled down to 63 centimeters. My working drawing doll will be about 69.25 centimeters, or 27.25 inches tall. The final doll should be 63 centimeters, or 24.80 inches tall.

Since a 14 year old teenage girl is about seven head lengths tall, the working drawing head length will be about 9.89 centimeters from the top of the crown to the bottom of the chin.

Calculating Shrinkage Revisited

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