Thursday, January 19, 2012

02 Drawing Nº 10

In the above image, A and C are modified images from Peck's anatomy book. The boy in the middle is from a growth chart in Loomis' Figure Drawing book. This is the same growth chart that Ryo Yoshida is using as a reference for doing the drawing in his book. A and C have been modified using Kolourpaint. The only thing I did to the boy was clean up some diagonal dashed lines that went across the drawing. C is modified from the 6.5 head length girl in the growth chart in Peck's book. I feel like I am getting very close to start my own drawing. It is a lot of fun to play in Kolourpaint.


Learning To Be A Doll Artist.
Martha Armstrong-Hand.
Livonia, WI: Scott Publ., 1999.
ISBN 1893625044

Atlas of Human Anatomy for the Artist.
Stephen Rogers Peck.
Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1979.
ISBN 0195030958

Figure Drawing For All It's Worth.

Andrew Loomis.
New York: The Viking Press, 1943.

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