Tuesday, January 24, 2012

02 Drawing Nº 15

I found this very nice reference diagram of the female with a skeleton inside. I think this is going to be very useful. This diagram is also very close to seven head lengths tall for the proportion.

The figure in this diagram has quite a bit of subcutaneous adipose tissue, so it is quite obvious that the diagram was drawn a long time before the current skinny trend was in vogue.

This was the second preliminary working drawing. I see now that I tried to get it all on one sheet of graph paper. I used 6 fourths inches for a head length.

I think I will also make a third preliminary working drawing this time around, but instead of using 6 fourths inches, I will use 10 fourths inches. The reason for that is because I am making a head length on the full size working drawing 10 centimeters. So one fourth of an inch on the preliminary working drawing will be 1 centimeter on the full size working drawing. I will tape two sheets of graph paper together to make the larger drawing.

One other thing I've decided to do is that I'm not going to indicate the ball joints on my first working drawing. Instead, I'm going to try and make a nice drawing of the full realistic figure. I found that the indications of ball joints on my working drawing were more confusing to me than helpful. I can always overlay the indications of ball joints, later.

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