Sunday, January 15, 2012

02 Drawing Nº 6

Today I was out of the studio all day. We went to the big Rembrandt exhibit at The NC Museum of Art in Raleigh. I have never seen so many of The Master's paintings together like this before. It was awesome.

The realistic human face is usually drawn about five eyes wide, as shown in this example.

More and more, computers, with access to massive data bases are defining beauty, mathematically. This is an interesting web site that has developed a mask that can be overlaid on top of photos of human faces to see if the face is beautiful. It is called the Marquardt Beauty Mask.

This page shows how to apply the mask, to your own photo, or another photo. While I do not know how useful this is to make a head for a BJD, I am including it because it is interesting and fun. I am so easily distracted.

Mask on Marilyn Monroe. Image Source

This is what the five-eyes rule-of-thumb looks like on the Marquardt Mask.

It looks to me like the mathematical ideal of beauty has the eyes spaced a little further apart? Oh well, I am just mentioning this because I think it is fun, and I like to have fun when making my doll. After all, not all dolls are realistic. Some are based on Manga or Anime, and some of those have extra large Moe eyes. However, I am going to try and make a realistic human looking face. That is probably one of the most challenging things to do.

A ball jointed doll is a multimedia figurative sculpture.

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