Monday, January 16, 2012

02 Drawing Nº 7

This shows the eyes of a female, looking straight ahead. What I tried to do was figure out how much of an eye is showing. I have a set of 26mm round acrylic doll eyes. The diameter of the eyeball is 26mm. The diameter of the iris is 14mm. So I used the same ratio for the photo of the eyes, and tried to draw where the eyeball would be. I also copy/pasted eyes on the face to see if the five eyes wide rule-of-thumb worked with this photo. It came close.

The head for my second doll was 9cm in head length. This new doll is going to be 10cm in head length. I may have to use 18mm eyes in the new head, instead of 16mm eyes, when modeling the doll. After she is cast, 16mm eyes may fit perfectly? This is the kind of stuff I am thinking about now, when designing my doll.

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