Saturday, February 4, 2012

02 Drawing Nº 26

Today I took the image from yesterday and added some vertical head length lines, to try and understand the overall proportions a little better, and to try and see how they relate to the rules-of-thumb for drawing the figure. I might as well try to learn a little bit more while I am doing this phase of designing the doll. One part that I am having trouble with is the arms. The way the ulna and radius cross over when the arm is turned different ways is quite complicated. I just need to take it one detail at a time, much like doing a face. Once the arm of a doll is cast, it will be rigid, except where it is jointed. Yet it should look good in many different positions. I think a rather stylized arm will be the best design choice. However, I would like for the arms on my drawing to look more realistic, and less stylized.

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